Nomen est omen: što Internet misli o vašem imenu?

Nomen est omen: što Internet misli o vašem imenu?

Tko od nas nije guglao vlastito ime tražeći kakvu kompromitirajuću fotku ili nominaciju za Nobelovu koju smo, eto, nekako previdjeli? Latinska izreka Nomen est omen upozorava nas da ime definira našu karmičku sudbinu, no danas ćemo se ostaviti etimologije i sudbine te se pozabaviti nešto drugačijim definicijama imena, gdje drugdje nego na Urban Dictionary.

A classy girl who enjoys life and sex. Adrijana is a ride or die kind of girl…She could be your worst enemy if you burn her. It’s impossible not to love her or want her, as she is a constant flirt and has an irresistible sexuality. This girl can be nice at first, but has a very dirty dark side.

Usually a strong, opinionated woman with great leader abilities. Can be very stubborn and moody at times, but if she considers you as a friend, she will be extremely loyal. In society usually a very popular person.

A very bold personality. Alisa loves being different. She can be a bit crazy at times, but that’s what turns people on to her even more. So pretty there will soon be a “Kiss Alisa” day. Or not, because she chooses her guys very, very wisely.

Usually of average height, but seems taller because of the large and charismatic attitude with which she goes through life. Capable of being both extremely intelligent and extremely blonde. Can usually be found near any large collection of music. Amelija is generally extremely ticklish.

A beautiful girl, never sure of what she wants, hates commitments. Guys are the main thing in her life, she gets attached easily but can get over a guy in a few weeks. She doesn’t like having an “owner”, so she flies her own way. Always laughing, easily pleased. Ana usually wants what she can’t get.

Knows how to be honest and caring. Loves to have a good time, but is mostly just chill. Owns a seemingly endless collection of fantastical head garments.

Difficult to steal her heart. A tower of strength for those she cares for, a rock to her family. She is steadfast and confident, honest and reliable. Andreja is a person you can depend on, just don’t go too far in crossing lines with her or those she loves. She is always kind.

Anitas are fun, active, creative, hyper, smart (but don’t like to show it all the time) and amazing kissers. A kind of person who thinks she’s a dork, likes to be foolish and just relax.

Usually people with the name Antonio are amazing lovers. They tend to be very good looking and could take your breath away with just one glance. A great cuddler. He is a great friend who always makes you laugh. He would never do anything to hurt you unless he has a reason. Antonio cares deeply about the people close to him.

ANUŠKA (heh)
Incredibly unique, flawed, energetic, entertaining, confused yet peaceful, intuitive and dangerously flammable simultaneously. For further information refer to zombism and perv (?!?)

She has a very loud personality that drives everyone insane. A rather strange woman.


One that has the balls of Rocky Balboa, yet a heart of a Romeo. In other words, a man who doesn’t give up.

Slightly horselike facial features. To be a Boris is to be the ultimate underdog; everybody seems to underestimate and even forget about him, but he never fails to blow minds whenever it’s his time to shine.

Always sleeping.

Nomen est omen  Batman

A girl who smiles all the time, making you want to smile as well. Only opens up to her nearest and dearest. Dajana has many good qualities, but is extremely modest about every one of them. Usually too nice and too naive.

The coolest guy in the entire world. OMG he is so cool. They are sometimes whiny, but in an awesome way. If you don’t know a Damir, you are nothing in the eyes of God. He owns everyone, in fact you should all go visit Damir and give him stuff.

Stunning eyes, killer smile. A type of person who doesn’t have many good friends, but is very loyal and loving. Although people may tend to be mean to Daniela, she won’t let anybody hurt her.

Dark, darker, darko. Not talking to girls at the bar, when multiple opportunities exist. Then proceeds to complain that no girls are at the bar.

A formidable foe to normal people. Intelligent, strong, forceful. David is a weird hybrid of a bully and a nerd. Usually enjoys a nice glass of scotch and has really great hair, the kind that makes you want to take a nap in it.

A guy with a lot of female admirers, but he searches for true love. Romantic soul. Person who knows a lot, learns very quickly and has lots of interests. Also enjoys reading very much.

Darios are playful creatures, they like teasing other people. They seem peaceful on the surface, but you never know the turmoil going on beneath it. Sometimes it’s happiness, sometimes is anger, while most of the times it just ends up with them being tremendously sexy. Cherish your Dario, they are not easy to replace!

Just a hot guy in general, usually has a great sense of humour and a great taste in chicks, but sometimes gets nasty with his overuse of sarcasm. Dejan’s verbal outlashes are most often fueled by his ego. He’s into soccer and snowboard.

Caring, sensitive and artistic. Denis displays intelligence and humble demeanor. Loyal and trusting. Found to be charming and handsome by many. Requires encouragement and motivation in starting projects, but once inspired completes the most challenging tasks with ease.

May seem unintelligent at times, because of her tendency to get easily bored. She tends to talk a lot and is not afraid to say what is on her mind. Dijana gets bitchy if you make her mad, but is usually a real sweetheart to the ones she cares for.

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A born actress. Mysterious, sneaky woman. Dina has a hypnotizing way with people, so she gets everything she wants. You just can’t get enough of her mystery and beauty even when you know her sexy devilish ways. In addition, she has many friends and is quite popular. Overall, Dina is talented in every aspect. Be jealous.

Always up for a good time, as long as she up ends where she ought to at the end of the night. Stalks band members, makes them cry and makes them walk around with security guards.

A woman who is intelligent, beautiful and sexy.

A name for a girl who is funny. Kind of an outcast, a bit of an happy emo.

Tradionally means “God is with us”, and that’s exactly what the ladies say in bed. Someone who will constantly insult you, but only as a means to play around.

The kind of girl who is loved by everyone. She’s stunning and lovely. Emilia has a cute face and a great body.

She is very classy and is one of the most sincere people you can meet. Eva often works with kids. She has this essence about her that you just can’t ignore. Kind and gentle, never puts herself first.

Very adorable, but a downside is that she is too good for you. Erikas have tons of friends, the kind that will destroy people that want to harm them. Usually from middle-class families. Gets hit on by a lot of guys, but rarely gives in, though she’s everything but stuck up.

Has a lot of money, but spends most of it on chicks. Also likes to wear a lot of gold.

A man whom you think highly of, even when aware of his faults. Charming and seductive, handsome in his own way. He smells wonderful. Franko knows how to calm a person. He tends to have a brick wall around him, but there are a few missing bricks in it. Loves his family and they come first.

A woman that makes you want to stay alive as long as possible just to gaze at her. Sometimes takes text messages out of context and gets mad easily.

Height: 5’11”. Weight: 175 lb. Hobby: shooting cows. A fine man with sexy abs.

Najbolja mama na svijetu.

A rather interesting creature indeed, regarded by many as a freak, geek and several other ‘eek’ words. Intelligent and very occasionally misunderstood. He is a quick learner and an observer with a well-hidden perverted side.

Comes off pretty confident despite her low self-esteem. Dislikes fakers, judgmental people and those who over-exaggerate the truth. Tends to be incredibly passionate about things she loves and hates.

Athletic and very sarcastic. Doesn’t like to follow the crowds, she has her own big dreams. Helena is annoyingly skinny despite the fact she eats loads of everything.

Hrvoje typically thrives in sports and looks great despite his bad haircut.

Strong, smart, awesome! Igor can outdrink anyone who challenges him. Very successful and has lots of money.

Stands for a beautiful, strong, intelligent and sexy woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Anybody who has ever lost an Ina, regrets the loss their whole life, always comparing this perfect girl to other women.

A totally fucking rad girl, usually of extreme intelligence. Brutally honest and that can freak people out.

A beautiful woman. One who has lived a life of worry and pain, but an outcome is a great success. Tends to have dark hair and green eyes.

A woman who understands others very well.  Or a murderous vampire-type person.

A very sexy female pirate with a sharp tongue and kind eyes. Her personality is fiery and intriguing, attracting and taming the wildest of men.

A boyfriend who can be a complete asshole and the sweetest guy at the same time. He will do anything to see a smile on your face, and you will want to do anything to see his smile too. There is nothing better than being in his arms. Ivan will tell you that you’re beautiful and amazing, with such certainty that you believe it’s true.

Sexy Slavic supermodel name…gorgeous…great boobs..great ass…even better in bed. Ivana has a great character and a lot of charisma, so wherever she goes she draws a lot of attention.

A name which fit for a girl who can drink more vodka than any other human being and is still able to ride a bicycle made for a five year old. Jagoda wants to have that special someone to look after her because she is afraid to be alone. She gives lots of love and doesn’t ask for much in return.

It stands for a gentleman, artist, kind-hearted, handsome and loveable person. Also an inconspicuous way of saying jackoff.

Smart, sexy, sophisticated. Wishes everyday life had more excitement. Dreams that Pokemon would exist, so she could catch them all. Mainly sarcastic, but has a good heart and her head is definitely in the right place. Amazing at anything she sets her mind to.

Jasna tends to be pretty, popular & easily loved by others. Oblivious in some cases. Jasna experiences a condition quite similar to that of the ‘fainting goat’ – when very excited, she loses consciousness for a brief period of time.

Najobožavaniji muškarac u Zagrebu.

A pillar of strength solid like a rock. A deep well of compassion for others to draw from when they need strength.

A great, loyal friend; someone who gives all of themselves in any relationship. Honest, faithful and true to herself. Great kisser with a personality that will get you thinking.

The foxiest foxy of all time; sexy legs, hot ass. Full of hidden talents and virtues, but also hidden flaws. Big teaser who likes to play with boys’ heads (both).

Exotic and domineering woman who knows what she wants, though she can get rather bitchy and sarcastic.

A girl with a charm and lots of charisma. Usually very friendly and funny, so many people are drawn to her.

A name for a suave womanizer who lures his prey by the ritual of spooning.

Can be shy one minute and crazy the next, but is always a fun person to be around. She likes to make lists and keep everything in order or make other people clean up her shit. Lara is an artistic type who spends too much time drawing or expressing her creativity otherwise.

Nomen est omen

She is a talker and a doer, a captivating and quirky problem-solver and a dreamer. Late for everything but worth waiting for. Dedicated but never completely satisfied with the end result. Very flirty and rarely single.

Sweet girl. Punky, friendly and either very athletic or quite exotic.

Crazy and energetic. Dances in clubs constantly, but refuses to try different scenes. Lorena loves her food. Experts highly suggest that only the most loving and sincere young gentlemen seek out a female lover with all the praiseworthy qualities of the Lorena.

Enticing, gorgeous, enamoring. She loves water, pools, oceans, lakes; nature in general. If you don’t find Maja in the garden, cooking, bike riding or at the pool, she is probably hanging out with her friends.

A very nice guy who is always helpful and honest. Can be a great friend, especially when you are down. Marko sometimes gets quite pessimistic, but will always see the silver lining. A proud agnostic.

Beautiful. Fun to be around. Great in bed. The best girl ever. Strong, can fight. A great friend, someone you want to get to know.

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Can be rather selfish and thinks she’s better than everyone. Mateja is the name you give to something that you can’t get out of you’re head or is very addicting.

Makes beautiful babies. Tall and has a nice ass. Loyal to friends, treats them as family. Matija can get stubborn and aggressive due to a bad temper and an attitude problem. Can be a pain in the ass, but people still love Matija. Orange is Matija’s colour.

She is a crazy girl with enchanting eyes. Makes jokes most people do not understand.

He is a chocolate loving, leather wearing mafioso.

A very cool person who is sweet and outgoing, but also odd and interesting. Mirna has bad taste in guys and friends and should focus more on school. Likes hanging out with gay people.

Actually a verb that means to destroy with loud noise.

Extremely unique woman with a sublime mind. Very determined, always sees the good in people. She is beautiful inside and out, but people just don’t realize it….. yet.

An absolutely beautiful girl with a heart of gold. Little hardheaded.

A person who takes 30 minutes to park a car.

A true femme fatale.

Natural beauty, exotic, very unique. Very organized individual who is also sexually intriguing.

He can read others like a book and everyone looks to him for advice. He is dependable, but thinks too much and this often gets him in trouble. A very sweet and thoughtful guy, not your typical macho gorilla.

Rafael likes to eat pizza and watch movies. Rafael is known for being funny and stupid and sometimes annoying. Gets high just about everyday and loves to party.

Badass and extremely attractive short female. You want to hug Rea and never let her go, except to admire her amazing ass.

She’s very determined to make the best of her life and is charmingly competitive at certain things. Great fun to be around.

A bubbly and over-talkative girl who knows she’s way too loud and peppy. Renata is a heartbreaker who denies the fact that boys fall for her within an instant.

A person named Rene is typically handsome and very popular. Tends to have a very active sex drive and is known to please woman in a variety of ways.

She is happy most of the time. Tends to be very faithful to God. Loves children. Robertas are irresistible and people are drawn to her.

A name given to guys with more pairs of shoes than guys named fancy pants. Roko is a hunter and he scores every weekend.

Very independent and capable person with lots to offer. Very attractive woman with strong sense of self and compassion for others.

Witty, extremely open, honest. Tends to be the bravest among her friends. Although clumsy at times, always recovers from a stumble like a ballerina in flip flops.

Beautiful, smart and helpful girl who sees the world in a joyous perspective. Very competitive also. Can be vain and conceited.

Brad Pitt wishes he looked like him, but there are moments when you look at him and ask yourself- can one be more stupid?

A sexy, bootylicious female. She is worshiped by many & has been the cause of many huge cult followings in the early 1990’s. Sonja usually keeps a low profile, so consider it a rare and special event to be blessed by her presence. Easily frightened by loud noises, poorly made horror films and ants.

Tall, sturdy and steadfast. A big, strikingly attractive amazon-like woman. Pays too much attention to her dog.

She loves to dress up just to get out of the ordinary. Very kind and can be trampled for it. She has a cute laugh that can easily be contagious, leading to long nights of laughing at anything. Tamara loves to hang out and knows how to have a good time. Adores dancing.

Has an intoxicating laugh and smile. Needs protection, although she pretends to be strong, not needing anyone. Craves more affection than one person can give. Tea is extremely sensitive, and always willing to go to the moon and back to make her loved ones happy.

Person with outstanding qualities in all areas of life. Great friend. Awesome lover.

Meaning “little one.” Tina is very competitive – a leader, independent, strong, creative and original. A refined intellectual, a woman who’s studious, analytical and very research-oriented.

An uncircumcised Croatian man.

Has the most beautiful face (even without makeup) and incredible eyes.

A beautiful girl with a killer smile and a great personality. Usually judged and afraid of by many people because of the Little Mermaid. You may tease her for a while, but then she’ll strike back with all her force.

Just too damn sexy.

You’d give the world to get in her head, but she’s not the kind of girl you can just pick up- she thinks things through thoroughly. May seem lesbian sometimes.

Unable to stay true. Also willing to give into any attractive woman, though he usually goes for someone younger than him. Viktor is also a Norwegian slang for gay.

Guy with the most handsome features you will ever see. These may include curly golden or silver-blonde hair, sea-blue eyes, and an ass carved by angels. He may also be stuck-up and/or self-centered. Ladies, beware.

To be a Vlatka is similar to being a goddess- unattainable to a normal person, but even being surrounded by a Vlatka can make one feel better than being a normal person.

Very creative, especially with her fashion style. Loving and playful girl who connects well with people and goes with the flow.

That nice guy down the street. Acts simple minded, but is actually pretty smart. Party animal at time, other times quiet and romantic. Also capable of extreme arrogance, with his head so far up his own arse he can sniff what he had for dinner.

A sexually charged man who misuses the definition of words. Often mistaken for son of Odin.

Owner of the best legs in the world. Irreparable romantic soul who loves Italian and Bosnian boys.

A classy, sophisticated, hot lady. She is known to be a a fashion expert and all-around good friend.

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