Review – Kryolan Eye Shadow Palette

Review – Kryolan Eye Shadow Palette

When in Berlin, I always visit Kryolan City. Described by fans and professionals as  “the best make up out there, invincible when it comes to special effects”, Kryolan is famous for extreme movie and theatre make up, with credits in fantasy blockbusters  such as The Chronicles of Narnia & Pirates of the Caribbean. As of recent, a selected range of Kryolan products has become available in Ljubljana (:happy squeak:)  via Kabuki make up place.

Kryolan City Berlin

Kryolan range

Kryolan Eye Shadow Palette

I immediately fell in love with this classical white, grey and black eye shadow palette. At 19,90€, you get a generous amount of 5 intensely pigmented shades and an especially soft brush, all set in a metal case engraved with a Kryolan logo. Being so easily blendable, these are perfect for creating dramatic smokey eyes. Another pleasant surprise was the eye shadow’s incredible durability. It managed to resist melting into a Hiroshima-like goo despite the hellish 35 degrees! The brush (made out of exceptional synthetic bristles) passed the quality test too, though it didn’t exactly knock my socks off when it came to creases. To achieve the mysterious deep-set eyes, a lot of blending needed to be done, so I used my trustworthy MAC blending brush instead.

As for the inspiration, it came from the video “Tonight” by the oh-so-lovely Ren Harvieu (think Lana Del Rey with class and actual vocal capabilities). Abundant references to 1930’s, decadent headpieces, a sultry heroine oozing confidence…I just had to emulate the look. So when miss Harvieu herself said I did an amazing job, I was very flattered. Well, here’s the look and the overall rating of the Kryolan eye shadow palette.


  • Colour intensity : Extreme. Tad too heavy for everyday use, but perfect for stage & camera due to its faithful rendition of the colours.
  • Durability : Loooong. You could easily pull an all-nighter without a trace of that atrocious line in the crease of the lid.
  • Brush : Soft, great quality, but lacks precision. I gave it a new purpose in life – it is now my concealer brush.
  • Value for money : Excellent. I’d definitely repurchase.

Ren Harvieu's look from "Tonight"

Headpiece is actually the necklace I wore back in baby bat days

I used the lightest possible foundation by Dr. Hauschka

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